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Specialists in Kitchens, Bathrooms and Wardrobes



Founded in 1982 by the entrepreneur Franclim da Silva Oliveira and Maria Isaura Moutinho da Silva, FRANKLIM is a company that dedicates body and soul to the manufacture of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture and wardrobes.

For Franklim "Far is near" because we provide services, guaranteed to meet deadlines, efficiency and speed anywhere in the country. We provide assistance, maintenance and monitoring to all products produced or marketed and services.

Whether it is internally or in partnership with architects, interior designers or other professionals with recognized taste, design is incorporated and is a top priority in all the kitchen and bathroom furniture we make - because beauty and functionality should be a priority!
We have high know-how and experience, thus ensuring the satisfaction and total quality of the products we manufacture, both in the application and in the after-sales assistance and services.

Franklim has a well-tailored, well-structured and responsive after-sales service to ensure compliance with contractual conditions and to ensure the handling of any manifestation of customer dissatisfaction.
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Specialists in the manufacture of offices, kitchens and bathrooms furniture and wardrobes!